Hi, I’m Kate and welcome to my blog!   I’m a good ole Midwest girl and The Zesty Brunette combines two of my passions: food and photography.

I love eating at and supporting local restaurants and farmers.  And believe it or not, I find it relaxing after a long day to cook a nutritious and delicious dinner.  I try to live a healthy, active life and enjoy all my favorite foods slimmed down (my #1 favorite is lasagna!).  Making healthy choices isn’t always easy but I believe you can enjoy everything you love and maintain a healthy weight.  If all else fails, when you fall off the bandwagon… jump back on (even if it’s only half way)!

I love taking pictures of my meals and of the fun and lovely moments I get to experience.  I hope you enjoy my blog as I share my tasty bites and adventures with you!

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  1. Ann Parfet says:

    This is fabulous!

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