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Spring is in the air – finally!  After a long, cold, snowy winter, the warm weather and sunshine on my back feels amazing.  Along with the warmer temperatures comes farmers markets!  Be sure to check you’re local farmers market because if they’re not already open, I bet they’ll be up and running very soon.

Remember my Kalamazoo Farmers Market post?  I had so many tasty finds and purchases.  To help you with your shopping, here are a couple of tips from my experiences at the market as you gear up to support your local farmers this summer.

Top Ten Farmers Market Tips

Top Ten Farmers Market Tips

  1. Arrive early! You’ll get the best selection of produce and goods.  An additional bonus is easy parking.
  2. Buy from growers (actual farmers).
  3. If it smells like a peach, it’s going to be a wonderful peach.  Smell your fruits and veggies before you buy.
  4. Buy fruits and vegetables in season.
  5. Bring your own reusable bag or basket to cary your goodies.
  6. Chat with your farmers!  Building a relationship with your farmers will help you get in the “know.”  Some farmers will let you placed an order and they’ll set things aside for you.  Plus they’re great for tips on what to buy.
  7. Look for specialty salad greens, they’re fresh and delicious.
  8. Bakers also have stands at farmers markets now a days.  They’re a great resource for fresh bread and sweets.
  9. Keep an eye out for a local food truck at your market and give them a try.
  10. Don’t forget in the cold months, many markets move inside for their “winter market.”

What are some of your favorite finds at a farmers market?

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2 Responses to Farmers Market Tips

  1. Bateau8932 says:

    I’m partial to mushrooms and local greens!

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