2014 Goals

Happy New Year everyone!  I plan to make 2014 my best year yet.  Every year I think about some goals (aka resolutions) that I’d like to achieve.  This year I’m putting pen to paper, or in this case, pen to blog.

2014 Goals

1. Blog More!

I love sharing my culinary and non-culinary experiences with you all!  I commit to posting on my blog at least once a week, if not more this year.

2. Exercise 3x’s per week

Ok, this one is a resolution I make every year.  Exercise more.  I feel better all around when I exercise and am committed to serious cardio at least three times a week.  I have a FitBit that I’m obsessed with (here’s a link to my FitBit One).  It’s great for monitoring my daily steps and has really made me aware of how much I’m moving every day.  I’m definitely going to keep using it to make sure I reach my weekly goals of exercising (I love watching the numbers go up on my daily step totals).

3. Downsize

Honestly, I don’t have that much extra stuff, but I really need to give my closet and apartment a good go through.  I plan to donate clothing and household items that I’m not using anymore to Goodwill so someone else can get some use out of them.  Plus, the more organized and clutter free I am, the happier I am.

4. Eat more Kale

I really need to get to know this super food.  It’s tasty and good for you.  Kale is definitely going to become a part of my diet and hopefully I’ll come up with some recipes to share with everyone here on my blog.

5. Get to know Adobe Photoshop Lightroom better  

I got Lightroom for my birthday last April.  It’s pretty awesome and easy to use but I know that there’s so much more that I can do with it than how I am currently using Lightroom.  Thus, one of my goals for 2014 is to become more proficient with Adobe Lightroom.  It’s an important tool for organizing and editing my photographs so it will definitely help me blog more!

What are your goals for 2014?  

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