Kalamazoo Farmers Market

Veggie Tray, Potatoes, Chicken Sign“Eat local” and “farm to table” are two big trends right now.  I love supporting local restaurants and farmers and going to a farmers market is an easy and fun way to do it!

Kalamazoo Farmers Market Sign

In September I went to the Kalamazoo Farmers Market on a Saturday morning with my Mom.

Tomatos, corn, farmer

It was one happening place!  There were more than a hundred different farmers and vendors and it was so busy that it was hard to find a parking spot.  But let’s talk about the important stuff, the food.  Everything was so fresh, colorful, and vibrant that I couldn’t stop taking pictures.




Eat Fresh VegetablesSunflowers and Blueberries

One of the farmers had chicken mushrooms and hen of the woods mushrooms they had foraged.  It was a treat to see these beauties!

Chicken MushroomsHen of the WoodsSpecials, Flowers, Melons


Beef Pork Chicken

Here’s our stash of goodies from the market.  Of course I had to pick up a cute Kalamazoo t-shirt.

Market PurchasesWe even got a tasty curry chicken pasty at the market.

What are your favorite farmers market finds?

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