Gourmet hog dogs, truffle fries, and craft beer. What else can a girl ask for? Senate is truly one of my favorite restaurants in Cincinnati.


The menu at Senate is jammed packed with amazing dishes. I always have a hard time deciding what to get. My favorites include the mussles, poutine, truffle fries, and the Lindsey Lohan hot dog (the only downfall is that the name is “Lindsey Lohan” but this dog is seriously amazing – more to come in a minute).


On my most recent visit to Senate, I started with a Six Points Bengali IPA. You know me, I can’t help myself when it comes to an IPA. Six-Points-Bengali-IPA-2

Even though this is my first post on Senate, I’ve been there dozens of times. And I always, either start with the Mussels Charmoula or the Poutine. Both are favorites of mine. But my friend suggested we try the Roasted Marrow Bones. I’m always game to try new dishes, so the answer was yes!


Wow. This bone marrow was amazing.Roasted-Marrow-Bone-Plate

It was spicy and flavored perfectly. The bone marrow came with grilled toast and a cranberry and onion jam. Pile everything up together and it’s a flavor explosion in your mouth!

For my main course I got the Lindsey Lohan hot dog. She’s an all beef hot dog with arugula and a balsamic dressing, bacon, goat cheese, and caramelized onions. Check it out.


I love the mountain of spicy arugula on top. All the flavors work together like a charm in this hot dog. The goat cheese is smooth and creamy, the bacon adds a touch of smokiness, the arugula is peppery, and it’s all grounded with the hot dog and the bun. I love it! Lindsey-Lohan2We also got a side of Senate’s truffle fries to go with our dogs. These are hands down the best truffle fries I’ve had any where. They’re hot and crispy and you can really taste the truffles.
Truffle-Fries-1They come with a mayo sauce on the side that’s delicious to dip the fries in. I’m not positive but think it’s an aioli mayonnaise sauce. Truffle-Fries-2Yum! Senate also usually has a special “Dog of the Day.” I’m usually pretty tempted to try it because it always sounds awesome. Your server will tell you the details of the special dog but they also usually post the details on Twitter or on their Facebook page. Senate doesn’t take reservations. If you go on a Friday or Saturday night you may have to wait a while for your table. It’s worth the wait, but just be prepared for it.

What toppings do you like on your hot dogs?

If I’m grilling at home I love my dogs simple with some mustard. If I’m at a Reds game or another ballpark, pile on the sauerkraut for me! And if I’m at Senate, my favorite is the Lindsay Lohan but they have a lot of other delicious dogs on their menu you should try too!

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    Love your blog! It was great meeting you this week!

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