Eli’s BBQ

Cincinnati and I have a new obsession.  It’s BBQ at Eli’s.


Eli’s is located on Riverside Drive down near the Columbia Tusculum area.  You can tell by the wood pile and smokers out back that they’re serious about their barbecue.

Inside there’s a pretty sweet collection of vinyl records that guests are encouraged to play on the record player.  I love the laid back atmosphere.  Eli's-Music

The menu consists of all things delicious BBQ style.  My favorite is the pulled pork sandwich with slaw on the top.  I’ve also had bites of the rib bones (holy yum!) and the smoked turkey sandwich.  Eli’s only takes cash or check – so be sure to have one of those on hand!

Eli's-MenuAfter you order at the counter you get a number in a glass coke bottle and you can sit down and wait for your food.

Eli's-number-7I think it’s such a cute idea!

Eli's-Coke-bottle-star-tight-2Ok- back to the food.  Here’s my pulled pork sandwich with the slaw on top and a side of mashed potatoes.

Pulled-Pork-with-Slaw-on-top I am so in love with this sandwich.  The pork is juicy and tender, the BBQ sauce adds a little sweetness and the slaw adds the perfect amount of crunch and a little tartness.  I’m craving one right now as I’m writing this blog post!  Next to my sandwich is my side of mashed potatoes.  The potatoes are hands down my favorite side dish at Eli’s.  They mix in a little parmesan cheese and throw the potatoes on the griddle so they have a nice outer crust.  When you take a of bite potatoes they’re crunchy and creamy.  Oh man, I can’t wait for my next trip to Eli’s.

Here’s another one of my pulled pork sandwiches (yes, I’ve been to Eli’s multiple times!).  This time I got the slaw on the side which I ended up putting on top of my sandwich and a side of baked beans. Yum.


In addition to a handful of tables inside, Eli’s has tons of outdoor seating perfect for summer.  They’ve got picnic tables in a large tent and lots of grassy area to bring a blanket and sit outside!

Barefoot-and-blankets-onlyI definitely recommend giving Eli’s a try.  Just remember, they only take cash or check.  Also, now that they’re pretty popular you may have to wait a while for your food.  One Saturday I was there for lunch and they were so busy I had to wait 45 minutes for my food!  But it was 100% worth the wait!

How do you like your BBQ?

I love a good pulled pork sammie 🙂

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