The Girl and the Goat

Chicago’s one of my favorite cities in the Midwest. It has great shopping, music, theater, and of course food! Every year my family meets in Chicago for a fun weekend together. We really enjoy seeing Shakespeare plays at the Chicago Shakespeare Company on Navy Pier. This year we saw Julius Caeser. It was bloody, loud, and the acting was great! But onto the food…

The Girl and the Goat

On Friday night we went to one of the hottest restaurants in Chicago, The Girl and the Goat. Executive chef, Stephanie Izard, was the Season 4 Winner of Bravo’s Top Chef! My family was so excited to eat at The Girl and the Goat that we made our reservations almost 6 months in advance (that fact probably gives you a little insight into how much I love food and where that love came from).


The restaurant is chic and dark with a bright open kitchen at the back. I loved the decor, especially this colorful painting that contrasts nicely with the dark walls.


The ceilings were high and made the restaurant a little on the noisy side with all of the conversations going on around us. But over the chatter I could hear a constant stream of a mix of 90’s rap and current music which I loved!


The menu is split into three sections, vegetables, fish, and meat. Our waiter suggested that we order 12-14 dishes for the six of us to share (sort of a tapas feeling). So we went for it! Of course I started with a glass of wine while we perused the menu. To help in making out decisions, we pulled out a pen and marked our initials by the dishes we definitely wanted to try. Don’t worry, the menus were paper. I was excited and a little nervous to try all the dishes. It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to order duck tongues or pig face! We tried a lot of dishes, so I’m going to attempt to keep it simple otherwise this will be the longest post ever!


Check out the cute goats everywhere.


First dish up, roasted beets with green beans, white anchovy, avocado crème frâiche and bread crumbs. Yum! I love beets and never pass them up, especially in a salad bar.


Second dish, raw kisshi oysters with muscatel mignonette and tarragon. We only got one each, but I could have eaten several more of these oysters. They were fresh and honestly tasted like the ocean.


Third dish, goat liver mouse: with pickled cauliflower-grilled pear, orange marmalade, and crumpets. The mouse was creamy and a little smokey. It spread perfectly on the piping hot crumpets and with a little marmalade on top, wow.


Fourth dish, steamed west coast mussels: with perilla (a herb in the mint family), winter squash, and a garlic crunch on top.


Fifth dish, chickpea fritters with royal trumpet mushrooms, okra-tomato relish, mushroom aioli, and aprairie fruits chevre (goat cheese).


Sixth dish, duck tongues with tuna and black bean poke, crispy wontons, and piri piri. This is one of the dishes I was a little nervous about but very pleased with. The tongues were tasty and I really liked the added crunch with the wontons.


Seventh dish, grilled baby octopus with guanciale (Italian bacon), wax beans, pistachios, and a lemon vinaigrette. I’ve had octopus a couple of times now, and just am not that impressed with the fish in general.


Eighth dish, goat empanadas with romesco and a radish-endive slaw. The empanadas were one of my favorites. The goat was tender and smokey and the creamy sauce on top was delish.


Ninth dish, escargot ravioli with bacon and a tamarind-miso sauce.


Tenth dish, diver scallops with a brown butter kimchee, hazelnut rapini, and avocado.


Eleventh dish, goat loin with buttered cabbage, celery root, and blood orange.


Twelfth dish, braised beef cheeks with dirty fried rice, onion salad, and pickled mushrooms.


Thirteenth dish, wood oven roasted pig face with a sunny side up egg, tamarind, cilantro, red wine maple, and potato stix.


Fourteenth dish, mushroom ragout with sweet potato agnolotti, shroom crème frâiche and capers.


Fifthteenth dish, roasted cauliflower with pickled peppers, pine nuts, and mint.


Whew! That’s a lot of food, I know. We ordered too many dishes and probably should have started with 8-10 dishes for our group of six and then ordered more if we were still hungry. But what a cool food experience! Right? Absolutely!

My favorite dishes were the goat liver mouse, goat empanadas, and the roasted pig face.


I was insanely full… until past lunchtime the next day. But it was 100% worth it! I definitely recommend The Girl and the Goat if you’re in the Chicago area. Just be sure to plan ahead and make your reservation early.

What’s the most adventurous dish you’ve ever tried?

Hum… I’d have to say beef tongue tacos or duck tongue.


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  1. Nick says:

    All the pictures are great!!! Thanks

  2. Kelly Mulligan says:

    Great write up. Made me hungry all over again. 🙂

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