Bed Rest Care Package

Bed rest. It’s got to get old quickly (even though laying around reading, browsing the internet, and watching movies sounds awesome). My best friend is 8 months pregnant and is on bed rest for her last couple of weeks. When she told me this, I immediately knew I wanted to put together a care package for her! Unfortunately we don’t live in the same city, or the same state, so I can’t just pop by and hang out with her – so care package via U.S. mail it is!


I went with a Valentine’s Day theme because I put together the care package about 2 weeks before V-Day. There was cute heart stuff everywhere so it was easy to do!


Some of the items I included are my Zesty Brunette Valentine’s Trail Mix that I shared with you guys last week, organic tea, a pretty heart tea mug, an iTune’s gift card, and of course a cute outfit for the baby and a frog stuffed animal.

Care-package-wide-2Here’s everything I put in the care package:

  • Magazine
  • Nail Polish
  • iTunes Gift Card
  • Tea (I put it in a cute glass container)
  • Tea Mug (with hearts!)
  • Lotion
  • Note Pad
  • Sudoku Puzzle Book
  • Zesty Brunette Valentine’s Trail Mix
  • Stuff Animal
  • Onesie with a bib and hat

What else would you included in a care package?

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