Turkey and Mushroom Risotto

At my guitar lesson this week, I got a tip for a leftover turkey recipe that Nancy my teacher really enjoyed.  She made Turkey and Mushroom Risotto out of the November Bon Appetit magazine.  When I got home that night, I looked up the recipe online because I had leftover turkey in my fridge from Thanksgiving (who doesn’t love leftover turkey!).  The recipe didn’t look too hard so I made it last night.

Wild mushrooms, onions, turkey, arborio rice, stock, parmesan cheese are among the ingredients in the recipe.  I didn’t have any turkey stock (Bon Appetit has a recipe) and didn’t have time to make it so I opted for chicken stock.  I also lightened up the recipe a little by only using 2 tablespoons of butter (the recipe calls for 4).

This was my first time making risotto (I love ordering it at restaurants or eating it when friends or family makes it for dinner) and although it sounds a little intimidating, it actually wasn’t too hard.  There’s a lot of stirring involved but it’s definitely worth it!

After about 20 minutes of stirring and slowly adding stock my risotto was done!

The risotto was creamy, nutty, and full of turkey!  This recipe is a perfect way to use up your turkey without making it seem like leftovers.  I’m also proud that I finally conquered making risotto on my own at home!  Next time I think I’ll try making a seafood risotto.

What do you like in your risotto?

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  1. Nick says:

    Butternut squash and bacon!

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